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leaders agreed on the "urgent need" for strengthening the participation of developing countries in multilateral financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and

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the administration of his younger brother Paul Castro, but warned against nuclear war. HAVANA, Sept.30 (Xinhua) -- Cuban former leader Fidel Castro condemned Thursday the coup att

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ued by the Civil Defense and fire department teams since Monday. In a radio interview, the governor said he is considering declaring state of calamity in the state. The authorities

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order to force the Democratic-controlled Senate to pass a budget to cut government spending, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said on Friday. A blast rocked a govern

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na and Japan, he needs to be aware that his country holds the key to alleviating the suffocating tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The visit comes as the peninsula seems to be on t

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he congressional elections. Pelosi could well retain her position as the top Democrat in the House, as she has decided not to step down. But Heath Shuler, a Democratic moderate, m

youtube downloader app -欧洲攻略在线观看完整版下载

as." Yemen has witnessed weeks-long anti-government protests demanding an immediate end to the 33-year rule of President Saleh, resulting in more than 100 deaths so far. Clashes b